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Irma Randall

Cruise Expert

My career in the travel industry started as a promise to my mother 30 years ago. She told me to get a job so I could see the world, so I figured I would go to school to become a travel agent. I attended Academy Pacific where I completed my travel education and after graduating I got a job working with a travel agency that a very close friend of the family owned. She taught me more there than I learned in all the time I was in school. Hands-on is best. I went on to work for her for many years and together we joined the Plaza Travel family.

I left to start a family of my own and then continued to dip my feet in the travel business. I worked for several different companies including Princess Cruises for almost five years. I also worked at a cruise-only travel agency for several years. I decided to be closer to home and worked at a small agency in my hometown that I managed for a few years. After that, I felt something was missing so I took a job at another agency, but it just didn’t feel like it was where I needed to be. One day I got a call from Steve Orens, President of Plaza Travel, offering me a position at his agency. I was excited to come back to work for family (that’s how they make you feel). To make a long story short, I am back with my Plaza Travel and Cruise Company family – and now with the Frosch family as well – going on 10 years now.

I am where I belong and work with a great bunch of people. Our cruise department is one of the best groups of ladies I have ever worked with. This is where I will be until I retire!